Weekend Inspiration: PANCAKES + PIZZAS?!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Its been awhile since i cooked.. anything!

Magical Saturdays made perfect with homemade stacks of crispy yet fluffy pippin' hot pancakes topped caramelized oranges & drizzled maple syrup!

My favorite pancake mix + Caramelized oranges. 
I love frying my pancakes on my happycall pan, so easy and pretty!


I know its been awhile since i made bentos.. years probably! but bcos my #ChimpanzeInTutu #InsideJoke lol, fiancé made me laugh so much and so super happy during our #bangkok #vacation last week, I decided to make a breakfast bento and drive over to his workplace for him! 

Bunny peeking out at ya while you eat hehe 

The fiance and I went out to grab some pizzas from Dominos for dinner, they are my favourite pizza go-to place! No more Pizza Hut. Ewww

Insta that we were watching Saving Privates while having pizza for dinner and hours later he saw the insta and was laughing like mad, like literally ROFL. He was like SAVE PRIVATES FOR WHAT? PRIVATE PARTS AH?! 

Turns out it's Saving Private Ryan *hides in a hole* wtf..

Very sudden and random LOTD to cover my shame. hahaha
Got the Black/White/Gold knitted top during my bkk trip!

♡ Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

Bangkok August 2013: Day 4 & Goodbye Bangkok!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

This is my all time favorite Thai street snack! Anybody has a sweet tooth like me and love these too? (:
I only like the ones with the shredded yellow things on top and not the orange ones thou!

We had the big ones at MBK, he took one bite from mine and said he's dying of diabetes. Drama King only.
Hehehe past by a hair salon and look at this!! Are you freaking kidding me?!

Forgot to mention on my previous post that for Victory Monument, most of the shopping are for ladies fashion and i didn't recall seeing any men apparels at all! So poor baby didn't get to shop at all the day before hehe help me carry barang barang only. So on Day 4 we were shopping at Platinum Mall!

Hehe bought couple tee and he suggested that we immediately change into our couple tees at the toilet in Platinum Mall! hehe wanna lick us? (:

Buys of the day! Bought sexay corsets so must go on diet then wear! Hahahah and of course the SUPERMOM tee is for my mummy dearest.

 LOL! Bought more contact lenses and i tried it yesterday. WTF WEAR ALREADY LOOK LIKE ALIEN SO BIG!!! Forgot to check the diameter when i was buying *FACE PALM*
I usually wear 14.2mm lenses cos i think they are the most natural and comfortable.

My shopping king's buy of the day! Lots of cool tees that i love too~

 hahaha i think this Find Wally.. FUCK tee is especially funny.

 Another couple wear! Mine is a pretty long work dress thou!
Went back to Mode Sathorn Hotel to drop our shopping loots and take a short nap before heading out to Siam Square for dinner! Had dinner at SOMTAM [Siam Square Soi 5]

Mmm we had the fried chicken and fish and it was very yummy!! Shared some noodle and it was so-so only, for 3 dishes and 2 drinks our bill came up to only 400+baht, like less than SGD20, so cheap!

Along Siam Square Soi 5, this MangoTango is super raved of as well and when we were there, there was a looooong ass queue so we went for a foot massage first, lol really foot massage fail, never go to the 2nd floor foot massage place just beside MangoTango. One hour foot massage it feels like somebody simply apply moisturizing cream on our legs, waste of our time and money lol. We kept asking the person, massage harder please etc but they simply bo chup! Zzz

After a wasted hour at the foot massage place, the queue at Mango Tango was still super long, if not even longer! So i got leon to tabao some mango sticky rice and we'll have it back at the hotel, it was ok i guess, not the best i've had really!

 So thankful that we didn't queue just to eat it there hehe

 Booboo! The next morning it's time to head back to Singapore, couldn't bear to leave the hotel man, it was such a wonderful trip.

Before we left, we went bananas on some banana snacks!

Their version of goreng pisang, OH SO GOOD! It has sesame seed in its batter and all too which makes it taste so so so much better than the usual ones we have, and lightly grilled bananas with condense milk, yums!

Street food is the beeeeeest yums!

 Heheheh look at our cab driver!! I finally found somebody who has a bigger head than leon!
Laugh damn loud and leon say imagine the taxi driver understands english ltr he drive us somewhere and beat us up hahaha kena whack by minion.

Oh oh oh!! I bought a new baby at the bangkok airport!
Woots. After discount and all it's only $355!
Leon checked online for me and he says the original price is $499 or sth if im not wrong. SCORE!

So excited i love love love the wi-fi function.

Test shot of baby's big head with the beauty mode hehe

Byebye Bangkok. ):
For now!!!

♡ Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

Camwhoring while driving.. cos.. WHY NOT?!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Changed my hair parting for the time being, I'm trying to grow out my fringe and its in its crazy annoying stage!  Waiting waiting waiting.. waiting for my slowpoke fiance to come pick me up for my braces appointment! LOL, the last time i was late for 10 mins i kena warning letter already hahaha so embarassing. He needs like an hour just changing into his outfit not even including styling hair ok! 

Within an hour i can get my full makeup on and get changed and probably able to fit breakfast in. -.- MEN!

Couple OOTD! 

The fiance finaaaaally don't have to work on a weekend! 
Accompanied me to my braces appt then we had lunch at Scott's square Delicious Cafe.
Wearing my f21 polka dot chambray fit&flare dress + Minnetonka flats

Lol i can't stand his hair. It's like a blond and black mop, esp the fringe ARGH!
Please tell me i'm not the only one that thinks it's weird?!

Duck Confit Spagettini, mmmm really good it gets better and more tasty after the 2-3 bite! The lunch set at Delicious Cafe (Scotts Square) was only $15 for 1 main and a side and i picked the Oreo Cheesecake which was pretty dissappointing thou.

( ^ω^ ) lookie what I bought while paktor-inh with Leon Hehe rila 妹妹 key holder for my car key so I'm no longer worried about my vroom vroom keys scratching my phone/camera!

Bring my vroom vroom for a shower before heading to church cos i can't stand all the ashes falling on my car from all the burning of incense for the ghost festival -.- Singapore sooo hot already still keep burning non-stop ): my throat feels really dry and weird. Stinky, hot and drives me nuts! 

Meeting the girls for Esther's #MysteryMakan later today. Can't wait! (:

♡ Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

Bangkok August 2013: Day 3

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Woke up real early at 6am and couldn't get back to sleep, it's quite annoying when i wake up insanely early during vacations. Of all times, i wake up about 845 or so for work, so i don't see how it's a body clock thing ugh!

Since i'm awake, took a nice hot bath while playing some old school music on the fiance's ipad.
Adorbs Rilakkuma bathbomb!

These are really adorable, it fizzes off and leave a baby rilakkuma [it's always a surprise! 6 designs available or something, i got it from NEX at the shop near Etude house with lots of Rilakkuma knick knacks.] but this bathbomb does nothing at all other than it's cuteness thou, lol it doesn't scent the bathwater, doesn't make it bubbly, literally nothing.

Went to bug the fiance and wake him up to prepare for our day of non stop action nomming + shopping ahead!

I hardly have my fringe up/tie my hair but Bangkok is soooo hot my hair was up when i was there all week!

So nadnut told us about this Boat Noodle place which is apparently very famous, thanks for the introduction dear! (: Apparently people use to sell these little bowls of noodles on the canal, just like the floating markets etc but because it was pretty much unhygenic the government ceased all that and from then they "migrated" to the shops by the canal, so as you walk when you see a damn eeky canal you know you're at the right place. 

How to get there: 

Lol to be honest Leon & I really found this place blindly, we just followed the crowds, after exiting Victory Monument BTS, we followed the crowds on the bridge and walked towards the RIGHT, you will see some malls along the way and outdoor market style fashion stalls just walk walk walk walk all the way and then go down via the steps/escalator. 

From there you can just show the locals the below picture, 
this place is pretty famous and they will help point you the way there! (:

The one we went is the one with the Black signboard and staff in orange uniforms just beside the eeky canal!

I don't know if you can tell but the boat noodles comes in super tiny portion 
[Leon finished one bowl in 1 mouthful, and i finish one in about 4-5 mouthful] they are 10baht each, lol people simply go there and pig out and compete to see who can finish more bowls of Boat Noodle!

 We tried the Tom Yum, Pork & Beef, super yums! 
I really love the rich, thick broth and the delicious and light glass noodles. (:

We polished off a grand total of 14 bowls of them!! Hahahaha we turn to our back and saw another couple, really champion, they had 2 STACKS of what we had, just 2 person! 
Lol somebody commented on my instagram and kindly told me that if you finish 20 bowls you get a free pepsi. Hahahaha so cute

After pigging out and rubbing our very round tummies full of yummy boat noodles, we went to shop around Victory Monument [very easy to find, exit BTS, turn to your right and you will see the shopping area], again i gotta thank nadnut for the recommendation because i didn't even know that there's a shopping area here! 

Clothes are really mad cheap here, adorable comfy tees go for 100-150 baht? 
Hehe my fav has got to be the owl tee and the 2 riri 妹妹 [one is a hoodle and one is a normal tee!]
Bought shorts for 150baht, regretted not buying more designs!

FACE PALM. I bought the pink jelly bag in taipei for about 60SGD 
but i found it at one of the malls at the Victory Monuments shopping area for 250baht! F.. M.. L feeling like a total idiot. hahaha

Leon feeling heart pain for me so he was so sweet to buy me one of the jelly bag in Purple + the smaller blue CandyBag for me hehe awwww so sweet!

Brought it out to hiao that night already. haha

Wearing riri 妹妹 tee that I bought from Victory Monument over the weekend back in SG!
my mummy said whoa! riri 妹妹 + riri 姐姐!

As usual a must-go trip to watsons no matter where i am holidaying! 
We took the BTS to National Stadium station to MBK 
[ love how bkk is so accesible by BTS! ]

Stock up my mummy's favorite inhalers haha i took all the stock they have zZz so little. 
She say the pots ones are the BEST stuff. Its like an addiction lol. 
They have these XXL volume dry shampoo from Batiste why SG don't have! 
The flirty florals version i use normally is pretty ok but this XXL Volumne one is really DA BOMB! 
Should have bought a few more bottles to stock up if i knew it was so good tsk.

Lol the fiance made me get the crazy batshit long iphone charger DUNNO FOR WHAT! 
It's just lying in a mess of tangles now, excessively long wires are not needed for messy girls like me!

Tried the Nature Republic 92% Aloe vera soothing gel and this thing is AWESOME! 
I use it all over from my face to my toes lol sometimes when i feel like my skin is a little dehydrated 
i'll apply a thicker layer and let it absorb in while i watch my US dramas! 

Oh the best is to mix a little of this with liquid foundation/BB Cream, usually my makeup would settle in my smile lines/has oily smudges after afew hours [oily skinned girls will know what i mean] 
but i've been mixing 1 part of this to 2 parts of foundation/BB Cream and my makeup looks awesome throughout the day!!! Holy moly i love this stuff. 

Apparently you can use it for your hair too but i don't see much difference, maybe apply when hair is dry so your hair will have the slight glossy look instead of dry wispy ends? Idk, haven't tested it on dry hair but on wet hair before blow-drying my hair, does nothing for me. Lol but overall it's AWESOME for my face and body and i will definitely stock up then next time i see a Nature Republic store!


Tried to buy contacts from #KittyKawaii today at one of the malls beside Victory Monument BTS, whoa quite a frustrating process buying lenses here like I picked out 4 designs prolly maybe 1 design has the stock for the right color and right degree zZz, same stupid thing happened at TWO other contact lenses stores too. ... but I'm looking forward to wearing them!

Just because.. i'm a jelly freak so i need jelly shoes to go with my jelly bags. 
MAD CHEAP la, like 120baht for the sandals and 150 baht for the flats if i didn't remember wrongly?

One of my favourite buys at one of the malls at Victory Monument, a pair of jellies sandals that cost a grand total of $5! Should have bought the black version too since I see myself wearing this pretty often!

Victory Monument Shopping Area
There are malls + outdoor market style shopping
It's very easy to find, exit Victory Monument BTS, turn to your right and you will see the shopping area

Back to the hotel to drop our shopping loots, wah really shop until we DROP, bought all the must-buys from MBK, durian chips, pork floss roll etc, omg the dried longan is so nice!!! Another regret!! Hahaha should have bought like 5 packets!! My mum and i totally polished the entire packet off within days.

There were like 3 restaurants and 2 bars in the hotel and all very well designed! 
Had dinner at one of Mode Sathorn Hotel's restaurant, Rice and Chilli, Thai comtemporary.

Tried to take a paranomic but my iphone's being naughty. Or i have extremely unreliable hands. Lol
We were customers there! Hahaha so awesome service really 200% here.

Was served with a complimentary welcome drink, a nice white wine and complimentary welcome mini appetizers too, how nice! I loved being the only customer lol.

I had this Foie Gras fried rice with Mango chutney:

totally forgot what leon's dish is called but it's very very tasty!!! 
Got my fattie caterpillar craving for fish for the rest of the trip, haha!

We wanted to go to Rodfi Weekend Night Market but so thankful that Mstofu warned us on instagram that It has closed at the previous location and have shifted to a v far part of bkk and she tried going to the new location but the whole journey took about 2 hrs so they decide to detour back.OMG!

So we cabbed over to Asiatique instead, 
lol wth on the cab the cab driver suddenly stopped by the curb and i thought he was gonna rob us or sth ahahah [he feels quite dodgy leh..] he just muttered sth in thai 
and walked out of the cab [WTF] leon turned back and caught him peeing just in time -.-

Whuuuuuut. random can. So gross!  

We really enjoyed Sunn Lum Night Market on our last trip to bangkok and we heard that it's been moved to Asiatique so we wanted to check it out! I dunno was it because we didn't cover much of the area or were we simply shopping at the wrong area? but there's nth really fashionable there leh, just alot of decors items, quite random touristy stuff, only found one really good accesories shop and bought this 2 pairs of earrings + simply ribbon bangle:

Ended our day with a good ol matcha snow with caramel sauce from Snobar at Asiatique!


Oh! I've just added a cbox on the right sider bar, feel free to comment! (:

♡ Loves, TheLuckiestChick.